The New Motion of Substance

Practicing the Science of the New Initiation

The process of Group Initiation [1] is difficult to understand. The idea of a group life is somewhat new, the archetype of the group initiate is still forming, and there are no recognized examples of a group disciple. Thus, it may be easier to understand the new path of evolution if we look at what the practitioner does, rather than what the path is.

“The motion of substance can be (and this is the ashramic science behind the new effort) controlled to such a degree that the form itself becomes a casual factor in the evolutionary development of consciousness. That is, spirit entering to such a degree into matter that a completely new rhythm is imposed upon the motion of substance. Thus, the evolutionary development of consciousness [is] speeded up to such a degree that the old forms…are disintegrated by the constantly increasing rate of vibration of substance itself.”
Group Initiation, p.15

What is this “Science” behind the new initiation and how does it impose a new rhythm on the motion of substance?

“There are three concepts which are the three major concepts of the new initiation. These concepts and their energies must be applied by the applicant clear through from the beginning of this initiatory effort to the completion of it in that moment when he steps out of the limitations of time and space and form into the world [of] reality.

These concepts are:

  • First: The Science of Impression …
  • Second: … The Science of Embodied Response.
  • Third: The Science of Imposed Rhythmic Control.”

Ibid., p. 17

The disciple practices these Sciences in an ongoing, creative process. To understand this process, we must first look at the vehicle of impression of an Ashram, its etheric light body.

“Now, it is this etheric light body of the Master, the ashramic causal sheath, which is the medium via which the units of consciousness within the Ashram exchange impression. This is the medium via which, what you would refer to as telepathic rapport or the transference of concepts, is possible within the Ashram. The focus of Soul consciousness within the Ashram utilizes this ashramic medium for the purpose, along with others, of exchanging impression with his brothers.”
Ibid., p. 19

This exchange of impression includes receiving impressions from the Monad at the heart of Ashram. Thus, the “Science of Impression” is primarily concerned with communication, or conscious awareness, within one life.

The persona of the ashram is the vehicle through which the ashramic Purpose is embodied in the planetary life. Thus, the vehicle of the Ashram includes the personae of all the members of the Ashram. Their collective mental, emotional, etheric and physical-dense bodies are the vehicle through which the ashramic impression is conveyed to, impressed on, and embodied within the the three lower worlds. In order for the persona to work with its ashramic life, the life motion of the persona must be coordinated with that of the Ashram. The persona then becomes a transmitter of the ashramic impulse.

“This ‘ work’ of the disciple is actually the establishment of a certain type and quality of vibratory impact upon his environment, and his ability to control that impact at all times. In this way, the disciple creates a particular auric influence which becomes a part of his service equipment.”
N.S. p. 125

“This the [practitioner] does almost unconsciously according to his ability to embody that teaching which he himself is attempting to project or to pass on to others. … The technique has to do with the maintenance of an aura which is so qualified with the synthesis of energy which underlies the thought-form presentation that these energies themselves … transmute …negativity… .” [2]

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