The New Motion of Substance

We may look at the “Science of Embodied Response” as another example of the Law of Polarity. In this case, the strength of the disciples’ environmental influence (or magnetic field) is determined by the degree to which he has contacted the ashramic group life (positive pole) and embodied the Wisdom of the life (negative pole). The contact is achieved via the Science of Impression, and the embodiment is achieved (in large part) through the Science of Imposed Rhythmic Control.

The rhythmic activity of the ashramic consciousness is the process whereby:

  • The Monad contacts the Logoic Intent and conveys it to the ashramic consciousness.
  • The ashramic consciousness contacts the Monadic Intent and translates it into an abstraction.
  • The incarnate consciousness contacts the abstraction and translates it into thought, feeling, and appearance.

“We know that all things which can be defined as ‘some-thing’ in the world of form maintain a life of their own, manifest in time and space according to the law of Cycles, and have a definite effect upon all other lives. This we call the vibratory activity of Life. All things carry a vibratory frequency which determines their cyclic activity in and out of the world of affairs, their manifestations in time and space, and their effect upon all other lives.”
N.S. pp. 125-126

Three overlapping rhythms strive for control within the individual or group of individuals:

The first is the un-integrated persona life: the intellect; the desires; the physical. Each carries a sense of self and strives to dictate what the life will do in regular cycles of activity. Sometimes the emotional aspect dictates an entire life or course of lives, only to be replaced by another cycle where the intellect is in apparent control.

This continues until the larger second rhythm of the integrated persona begins to unify the three separate functions into a whole and the parts work together as one. The intellect plans, the desires want, and the physical performs to serve a larger vision or purpose than is possible as separate parts.

The integrated rhythm of the persona gradually gives way to the much larger rhythm and cycle of activity of the Soul.

How is this control achieved? How can the consciousness trapped in the rhythms of the persona move into the life of the Soul? By becoming consciously receptive to, and coordinating the persona life with, the rhythm of the Soul. Once brought into relationship with the Soul, the persona rhythm will naturally respond to the larger rhythm of the Soul.

For example: A group of pendulum-driven clocks will automatically coordinate the motion of their pendulums (if the length of their pendulums is identical). If several pendulum clocks are hung on the wall, and their pendulums are set swinging at different angles (so that each pendulum reaches the top of its arc at a different moment), within a day or two they will be swinging together, with each pendulum reaching the top of its arc at the same moment. If you disturb one of the clocks (knock it out of phase), it will quickly return to the group rhythm.

The rhythmic cycle of the Overshadowing Soul and that of the indwelling soul are brought into phase because they are the same soul. This in turn affects the substance of the persona.

This is also seen as resonance in musical instruments. Strike a middle c firmly on a piano and all the other c’s will resonate along with it. Pluck a violin string next to a second violin and the second violin will resonate to the first.

The Nature of The Soul describes how to coordinate the Soul and persona rhythm through daily and lunar meditation cycles (in Lesson 33). This lesson includes a series of twelve seed-thoughts (pp. 408-409) which, when practiced for one lunar cycle each, begin the process of coordinating the persona rhythm with the Soular rhythm.

The result of the coordinated practice of these three Sciences, The Science of Impression, The Science of Embodied Response, and The Science of Imposed Rhythmic Control, is the transmutation of the separated self and infusion of the Soular life.

[1] Outlined in the new series: Ashramic Projections, especially the Group Initiation booklet.

[2] From an oral presentation by Lucille Cedercrans