Joining the Wisdom Group

Since the purpose of the new Ashram of Synthesis is complex, its responsibilities are extensive and in need of some explanation. While the approach to the Ashram includes ascension to synthesis, the Ashram and its purpose and functions are realized via the precipitation of synthesis. The precipitation of synthesis includes: meeting, diverting, and transmuting the opposition to Synthesis, preparing humanity to take initiation as a kingdom, formulating a new path of initiation, shifting human organization from Third to Seventh Ray, shifting civilization from Sixth to Seventh Ray, and externalizing the Hierarchy,

The Externalization

“The Ashram out of which this particular Thought-Form of the Wisdom is being presented is a synthesis. It is a new Ashram, a synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energies and expressions. In other words, the Master M., the Master D.K., and myself, the Master R., have come together to form an Ashramic Center.

“With us we have brought into relationship those of our Ashram, those of our Ashramic membership, who are karmically (and I refer here to Service Karma) related with this particular Ashramic effort with that particular expression of the Divine Plan which we are focusing. So, this Ashram is made up of disciples functioning on the First, Second, and Seventh Rays. The Ashramic Plan itself (which, remember, is a particular expression of the Divine Plan for Humanity as held in focus by the Christ) has to do with the externalization of the Hierarchy, with which every individual who is attracted to this teaching and into its esoteric activity is particularly and peculiarly related, so that you come to this from out of the past.” [1]

The synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Rays gives the Synthetic Ashram a peculiar ability to focus, to relate, and precipitate as a single magical activity. As a result, while all the Ashrams are responsible for preparing for the reappearance of the Christ, the Ashram of Synthesis has a peculiar role in the externalization of the Hierarchy.

This may appear to be a fine distinction, but it is quite important.

The reappearance is sometimes described as an event in which the fact of the Christ and the Masters again becomes apparent to humanity. In a sense, it involves both the descent of the Christ and the Masters into the three lower worlds and world of affairs, and the ascent of humanity into conscious awareness of the fact of their existence. The effort to bring about this event has included and continues to include all the ashrams and the disciples of those ashrams.

The externalization may be described as an ongoing process via which the Christ, the Masters, their ashrams, and the world discipleship, manifest on Earth. It is one thing for the Christ and the Masters to reappear; it is quite another for the Hierarchy to be in full expression.

From this perspective, the reappearance is part of the beginning of the externalization. While the entire Hierarchy participates in the reappearance, the Ashram of the Synthesis has primary responsibility for the externalization. However, the externalization is only a part of its function.

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