Meditation Defined

Quotes from The Nature of the Soul


“Meditation is a technical process whereby Soul contact is realized and Soul infusion achieved.”
p. 38


“Meditation, when rightly carried out, brings the aspirant into contact with the illumining aspect of the Soul. It makes possible the recognition and the eventual embodiment of the Quality of the Soul. Meditation is a technical process whereby Soul contact is realized and Soul infusion achieved.

“The activity of aspiration puts the student in tune, so to speak, with the Soul, while meditation expands the consciousness of the personality to touch the periphery of, and to finally merge with the consciousness of the Soul.

“I should like to take this opportunity to point out to those of you for whom meditation seems dull and unrewarding its importance, not only to your own individual development, but as a service activity as well.

“First, as regards your individual development, meditation is the open door into initiation. It is the way into Light which is tread by all disciples of The Christ. It is via this activity that the inner Kingdom of God, the world of meaning, and the “Secret Place of the Most High” is entered and known. Every activity of the accepted disciple has been first contemplated and worked out in cooperation with the Divine Plan via meditation. There comes a time in the life of every individual when further spiritual progress is dependent upon this activity, for it is literally the footpath of the Gods.

“Meditation, to be fruitful, must be entered into by the occultist who is also the mystic, for the whole being, the entire focus of consciousness, is centered in the mind in order to focus upon Truth. Do not, then, enter into meditation in a half-hearted attempt to comply with instruction. Let the whole being be flooded with love of the activity in order to accomplish the most by it.

“As a service activity, which each one of you can initiate here and now, meditation is one of the most important. Via this activity the disciple is enabled to focus within himself not only the Divine Plan or Hierarchial intent, but the precipitating energy of the Divine Plan as well. He becomes an instrumentality through which the Christ focuses His effort to guide, instruct and uplift the mass consciousness.

“Every disciple who offers himself in this way serves a much greater cause than he can possibly realize. For as he experiences the realization of a Truth, the strength of his realization broadcasts that Truth into the mass mind where other members of humanity may pick it up as their own truth. In this way those Divine ideas which spring forth from the Hierarchy to the disciple, from the Spiritual Soul to the man in the brain, are again transmitted into the metal body of humanity as a whole, where many members of humanity can both be influenced by them, and in turn, become an influence in the activity of the Divine Plan. Realize this importance, and consider the service which you render each time you contemplate in meditation a concept of Truth, each time you contact, focus within yourself, and transmit a Divine energy which underlies a concept of Truth.”

The Nature of the Soul, pp. 120-121

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