Joining the Wisdom Group

Relationship to the Ashramic Purpose

“The relationship with this Plan is not a new one. The inter-relationships within the group are not new ones. Your relationship with the Master M., the Master D.K., and myself, the Master R., is not a new one.

“For a long, long period of time, most of you, insofar as the incarnate consciousness is concerned, have been, how shall I say it, not exactly cut off, but by means of karmic necessity, separate and apart, away from your Ashram. This Synthetic Ashram is actually being recreated, for at another time, that which I can only refer to as not exactly an analogy, not exactly a correspondence of this Ashram, was in existence. Certainly those who are now making up this Ashram were related together within a group effort, which was spiritually impulsed by means of the Overshadowing Christ. The group was disintegrated, again by karmic necessity, and on the most part, most of its membership apparently regressed.

“Remember, there is no such thing as a true regression, but most of the group membership was forced to reenter the evolutionary process almost at the animal man stage, and to recapitulate the growth and development achieved up through the evolutionary process, until you (the group) have arrived at this point in awareness: when and where the Ashramic note is sounded forth, which gathers you back again into the former group relationship in order to recapitulate the path of initiation which we have tread in times past, all of this being a part of the externalization of the Hierarchy.

“Now consider, the Ashram (whose responsibility to the Plan and whose relationship to the Plan had to do specifically with the first effort of the externalization) sent the greater part of its consciousness into incarnation within the body of humanity at the lowest level possible. That consciousness then incarnate within the body of humanity, having no knowledge of its own particular growth and development or Ashramic affiliation, yet different, changed by, even in the depths of its incarnation, being innately spiritual in nature, being then the work of bridging (from the depths of the human condition and circumstance within the world of affairs) the consciousness of humanity with that of the Ashram, and traveling back up through the totality of the evolutionary process, thereby unconsciously anchoring the Light of the Ashram within each of these states of consciousness, within each of these conditions, within which it incarnated – so that now, as you come together, it is each one carrying that thread of Light which you anchored within that humanity, into which you had been focused in the ascending process.

“Now these threads are being brought together to create one vast focus of Light (remember, they have come this way) which now will be directed upward toward the Ashramic Center. As you come into a realization and an awareness of your Ashramic affiliation, as you expand your consciousness into that fruit of growth and development which you had achieved in times past, it is as and with the very depths of that humanity into which you had incarnated, and with the relationship, so that you are bridging the very lowest within which you have lived with the very highest with which you will attain. Then, via that bridge, the Ashramic Group Life can move down and out into objective manifestation, to radiate the Light, the Love, and the Power of the Divine Plan for Humanity within the body of humanity.” [13]

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