Joining the Wisdom Group

Energy of Synthesis

“The Synthesis of the First, Second, and Seventh Ray energies brings the planet and humanity a new energy, a new force, and a new substance with which to shape and mold a new civilization.

“The Synthesis reaches us from the Avatar of Synthesis, Who, acting under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a Cosmic energy as yet of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.

“The Avatar releases the new Synthesis to the Planetary Logos and the Christ, Who, in turn, release it to the new Ashram of Synthesis via its focal point, the Masters M., R., and D.K.” [9]

During Wesak there is or has been, an overshadowing triangle consisting of the Avatar of Synthesis, the Buddha, and the Christ. [10] However, the Higher Triangle immediately overshadowing the Ashram of Synthesis is formulated of the Planetary Logos, the Christ, and the Avatar of Synthesis. This Higher Triangle invokes the Energy of Synthesis, steps it down in frequency, and radiates it to the Ashram of Synthesis. [11] The Ashram of Synthesis is then responsible, via its Group Units or Disciples, for radiating the Energy of Synthesis throughout the planetary life.

Meeting the Opposition

Since the first response to that Energy is to clarify existing polarities (in preparation for raising them into the higher union or at-one-ment of synthesis), the Ashram is also responsible for the opposition to synthesis. The Group Units of the Ashram meet that opposition by embodying it within their life and affairs and then manifesting the solutions to those difficulties.

“Now, how does the Soul deal with the problems of human relation? How does the Soul deal with the problems of finance in this particular world? How does the Soul deal with any of the conflict between the ideal and the actuality? This is your service. You are serving humanity, moment by moment, as you meet the problems of humanity within your own life and affairs and resolve those problems. This is your service. Therefore, how can you expect the way to be made easy? How can you expect to be given what you say you need? It is your job, your service, to manifest your own fulfillment and in so doing to create a path within the three planes of human endeavor which can be followed by every human being seeking his own fulfillment. The way is never made easy for the disciple who has taken upon himself the responsibility of initiating a new effort. The way was not made easy for Jesus and his disciples. The way has not been made easy for any group or any disciple who takes his share of the responsibility for the Divine Plan for humanity and brings it into incarnation.

“This includes all of your problems. It includes the problem of the opposition. Certainly you will meet with the opposition. Why would you, the disciple who carries the responsibility of the Divine Plan, be protected from the opposition, leaving the opposition to work out its wrath within the body of humanity (who has not the knowledge you have with which to work)? Certainly you will meet with the opposition. It is hoped that you will be able to divert the attention of the opposition from its focus upon humanity as a whole.

“Now consider this. Is humanity in its present evolutionary development, as equipped as it is, capable of handling the opposition? This is a part of the work of the new Synthetic Ashram, a part of that First Ray effort which every disciple will have to carry since it is a synthetic ashram. Every disciple carries the responsibility for the expression in the synthesis of all three of the rays.” [12]

Thus, the purpose and responsibility of the Ashram of Synthesis include: externalizing the Hierarchy, shifting civilization from Sixth to Seventh Ray, shifting human organization from Third to Seventh Ray, formulating a new path of initiation, and preparing humanity to take initiation as a kingdom. It also includes meeting, diverting, and transmuting the opposition to Synthesis.