The Economy of Service

By Lucille Cedercrans

At this moment, I am going to go into the subject of finance. This is one of the problems which each of you face, and it is necessary that this problem be solved within your consciousness prior to your entry into the field of teaching. …

First: Realize, again, that you stand within the periphery of the Ashram in that frequency band which is related directly to the evolution of the consciousness aspect. As you go forth into the field, realize as fully and completely as is possible, that, at this present time, your work is teaching. Realize at the same time, that there are those disciples within the Ashram whose service has specific relationship to the economic structure, and specifically to the financing of the Divine Plan within the physical plane of appearances. This is the first relationship that I would have you become aware of within the Ashramic Group Life.

As you make your alignment, as you establish your relationship with this unit within the Ashramic Group Life, you permit this group of disciples to function in their field of service with you, so that, via their activity, whatsoever is materially necessary to the manifestation of your service activity is made available to you. …

Student: Does this imply that there are objective relationships to take place?

Of course, there are objective relationships to take place. If you will remember, I told you some time ago that it is necessary to externalize, on a horizontal level, the field of relationships within which the Soul lives, moves, and has his being. …

Realize that all disciples necessary to the working out of the Plan shall come together in time and space in order to work out that Plan. This, remember, is the externalization of the Ashram. This is, as I stated before, a difficult concept. In many ways, it is contrary to the present day occult concept.

If, and when, not only this group of disciples, but any group of disciples related to a specific service such as this group is related to; if and when they establish their ashramic alignment, and become subjectively conscious of the field of relationships within which they live on ashramic levels, they will manifest whatsoever of those relationships are necessary to the objectification of that aspect of the Plan which they serve.

Groups of disciples specifically related to the financing of the plan, groups working from within my Ashram, are functioning now within time and space. The relationship between these groups, and groups such as you, can only be made as each becomes, within the brain awareness, an instrumentality of the ashramic group life.

[This] necessitates a placing of security upon spiritual relationships, and upon spiritual values, rather than upon the relationship in the outer world and the material values.

This is an extremely important point. I would suggest that all of you read as much as you are able to find in the Tibetan’s books regarding the subject of sharing.

Only as disciples, each in his particular field of service, relate to one another, only as they, through sharing, are able to enter into a cooperative leadership in the world of affairs, can the Plan for humanity (in this time and place) manifest.

In order to relate subjectively with the group unit whose service lies in the financial field, it is going to be necessary to relate objectively with finance itself, with the form aspect, with the world in which you live.

Too many disciples in the world today, manifest both within their consciousness and within their auric influence … a glamour in regard to this subject which serves to repel adequate financing from service activity.

This particular glamour, while it is not so outstanding within this group, is as yet present within it, and must be dispelled.

Throughout the past centuries, each [would be disciple] has, in his own way and through his own particular experience patterns, established (upon subconscious levels) so firmly the concept that money and all things related to it are evil, that [very few have] as yet completely established what I could define as the right relationship to this particular manifestation within the world of form. Guilt, which has been given many forms within your astral bodies, further complicates this particular situation. Guilt, which is caused by misuse of substance, not only in past incarnations, but in this incarnation as well.

Until the substantial aspect has been realized for what it is, until it is accepted, not only as a part of the Divine Plan, but as being divine in nature, the Third Aspect, a part of Divinity itself, and until this substance then (and I refer not only to that which takes the form of money, but all substance) is, because of this basic realization, put to right use, the guilt which acts as a block to adequate finance cannot be removed. And until it has been removed, right relationship, with both the financial plan and with the group directly related to the financial plan, cannot be made. …

First, there must be established a right relationship within the consciousness with substance itself, with all substance, with the substantial forces of your own vehicle, with the substance within which you live and with which you are related in the outer world. This relationship must … be made before you can possibly begin to establish right relationship with finance itself. For, around this concept of finance, you have built up so much guilt in the past, have built into the astral body so many forms, so many thought-forms, which constitute in their totality a tremendous glamour, that to even approach this subject without first establishing a foundation for understanding is impossible.

Therefore, right relationship with the form aspect, as a concept, must be made. Do not forget that what you are doing now is attempting a major shift in consciousness, which is a shift that characterizes the New Age consciousness from that of what we could call the Old Age consciousness. That state of consciousness which you now evidence in regard to this concept is sixth ray in nature. To escape the form aspect, to disdain the form aspect, to look upon it as evil is to in every way deny it its divinity. This is primarily sixth ray in nature, a negative manifestation, that is true, of the sixth ray.

The shift, then, which is necessary to a positive (and you must be very careful in this connection that it be a positive) manifestation of seventh ray understanding, a seventh ray relationship, gives to the substantial aspect that Divinity which is inherent within it. In so doing, that which will manifest its divine intent is set into motion … the consciousness comes into the form aspect and shines through it, moves through it … breaks through the ring-pass-not of the form, to link and join with all other consciousness imprisoned within form, thus manifesting perfection in form.

This concept, first, must become so evident, so clear within your consciousness, that as you look upon a form, any form, you see within it (not only within the consciousness behind that form, but within the substantial force of the form itself), that inherent divinity which it is.

The work, generally speaking, of the seventh ray, in this New Age, is to lift the form aspect up in frequency, to lift in frequency the substance of the three lower worlds, to bring this substance into a harmonic frequency with the Buddhic sphere. It is only via right relationship with the substantial aspect, a relationship which is characterized by love, that such a work can be accomplished.

As a group, serving the Divine Plan during this particular period in time and space, yours is not only a very great opportunity, but a very great obligation and responsibility as well. While your service is directly related to the consciousness aspect, and to the magic of the consciousness aspect, you must, none-the-less, establish right relationship with the form aspect if you are ever to move through it to reach the consciousness imprisoned therein.

After this first concept, which has to do with substance itself, and in order to arrive at an understanding of this concept, enter into meditation to be carried out as continuously as is possible, a meditation which contemplates the purpose of the form, the purpose of substance itself. Observe, then, in this meditative state, all of those forms with which you are familiar, the table at which you eat, the dishes, the utensils, whatsoever form that you come into daily contact with, observe it and see it as a part of the substantial aspect of the Divine Plan with which you work and should, therefore, have established right relationship.

For those of you for whom it is possible, pick up in your hand a handful of earth, and in the other hand, a handful of air, and take into your consciousness a realization of the purpose of substance itself.

This is the first step that you must take before you can possibly approach and understand the financial plan of the Thought-Form Presentation.

After this has been accomplished, then you will take the next step. That will be to establish right relationship with, not only finance, not only with the concept of a medium of exchange, but with the form itself, with money.

You are all permeated with the effort of the past age. You are all conditioned by it and have arrived at that place, insofar as Soul development is concerned, where the new movement must be set into motion, and this is the cause of your greatest conflict, both individually and collectively. It is the cause of the greatest conflict, both individually and collectively. It is the cause of the greatest conflict within the overall group life. It is the basic cause of its economic problem. The Economy of the One Life has not been set into its proper directional movement.

Think, now, for a few moments, what it is, basically, you seek when you meditate. What is it that you are seeking when you meditate? I am asking: What is it within the consciousness (the consciousness that is incarnate, whether it is identified with Soul or as persona), what are you seeking when you meditate? You are seeking Truth and Wisdom. What is the basic motivation?

The root motivation, which comes from the past Age, and which has determined the directional movement of your energy, force and substance is to escape the form, to escape the pairs of opposites, to escape the pain and the pleasure, the loss and the gain, the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, to escape these, each to move into his own conception of heaven, so to speak, which is the escape from the pairs of opposites.

As this is the culmination of the past age, this was achieved by each of you. Now you come into incarnation with a new motivation, the monadic impulse, not the Soul, which has brought you into incarnation at this time, with an entirely different intent. It initiates a new directional movement of consciousness and hence of energy, force and substance. This is a movement of Spirit into Matter, or movement of consciousness into form or a movement of Soul into human, etc.

This is the basic problem, which each member of the overall group life, in his own particular way, has to solve within himself, because this is his (for this Age), residue of wrong motivation. This is the motivation, the old impression which has been made upon the substance of his bodies and has to be changed. This requires a totally different perspective. This is the problem which exists, not only in the human consciousness; this is a problem existing on Soul levels.

It is the rebuilding of the appearance. You see, in order to comprehend the reality, it was necessary to move out of the appearance, out of the form, into the reality, in order to comprehend the polarity. It was necessary to move out of the pairs of opposites. Now, the polarity is to be brought into appearance. So, the movement is more than entering into this and that, or this or that. It is a movement into the form, with that which has been attained. And from this point, then, with this purpose in mind, the idea of rebuilding and reconstructing, insofar as form is concerned, rebuilding the form nature itself and rehabilitating the consciousness within, rather than taking that consciousness out of [the form], entering into the higher consciousness and rehabilitating the consciousness within.

In the past Age each of you has had experience in both the head path and the heart path. You have been both the mystic and the occultist. Now, you have to merge these two and build (literally build), that which is above, here within the three worlds of human endeavor. This will not be easy. Yet, once you begin to organize the energy, force, and substance in your overall group life into an economy, which is following the directional movement of this particular motivation, then you will find yourself with the ways and means of completing the job and of fulfilling your own service potential, hence your own growth and development.

R./Lucille Cedercrans

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