The Work of Lucille Cedercrans

sunrise over the water - the works of Lucille Cedercrans

The following four points are also helpful in considering the placement and work of the Synthetic Ashram relative to both D.K.’s and Lucille’s writings:

  1. The Wisdom Group is an embodiment of the Logoic Will To Good, as expressed in The Wisdom.
  2. The New Thought-Form Presentation of the Wisdom focuses on the disciple’s aspiration toward Monadic Activity or Disciplic Work rather than Disciplic Knowledge.
  3. The Wisdom Group is an expression of the Ashram described by D.K.
  4. The Nature of The Soul course is primarily overshadowed by Master R. (The Lord of Civilization and the Chohan (6th degree Initiate) of the Seventh Ray). That is why The Nature of The Soul is a course in the magic of consciousness.

Lucille’s writings clearly delineate a path of group discipline and subjective practice, due to the need of a trained world discipleship capable of focusing and directing this new impulse throughout the planetary life.

And in Ashramic Projections:

“Three major ray energies have been brought together into a synthesis in the creation of the Ashram. This Ashram carries the responsibility of shifting the civilization from a Sixth to a Seventh Ray expression and of shifting the organized life of the form from a Third to a Seventh Ray expression. It carries the burden of Hierarchical responsibility for the shift of human identification from self to Soul. It is now moving into the responsibilities which it will assume fully at the turn of the century and carry over a 2500-year period. This Ashram is held in focus by the Master M., the Master D.K., and the Master R. with the aid of certain initiating disciples taken from the Ashram of each (that is, the First Ray Ashram, the Second Ray Ashram, and the Seventh Ray Ashram). At or around the turn of the century the new Synthetic Ashram will include all disciples within these three major ashrams.”

The Synthetic Ashram, by Lucille Cedercrans, p. 41

The initial work of the Synthetic Ashram will take place over a 2,500 year cycle; therefore the results, the end effect upon humanity, can only be indicated in general. This is due, in part, to the creativity and effort of those who prepare the way as much as the openness and acceptance of humanity. What we do know, however, is:

  1. The shift is toward identification as a consciousness rather than form, Soul rather than persona;
  2. This Soul consciousness will be of a group nature united by a common purpose rather than a group of personas aspiring toward an ideal; and
  3. The struggle between consciousness and matter will draw to a close as both out-picture the Divine Plan.

Since the major keynote of this new era is Synthesis, it is much more radical an effort than might be supposed, requiring, as it does, a blending of three “notes” or ray frequencies into One. The following quote from Group Initiation, in Ashramic Projections, describes the movement of this new evolutionary path.

“Now, before I bring this instruction or step it down to you, I would have you consider the new goal, the new initiatory goal being focused by your Synthetic Ashram into the body of humanity. The vision of mastery which has always here-to-fore been focused into and through humanity by means of the etheric network, and the story of initiation created within that network, has been the vision of a single, perfect man overcoming death. This has been the symbol of mastery.

“The new goal, which is most difficult to convey to your understanding at this time in word (but which, nonetheless, we shall attempt to do), is that of a tele-pathic at-oned humanity having seen into, having in one moment of perception experienced and overcome the long drawn out process in the form world of evolution. Can you conceive of this new vision – humanity experiencing the synthesis of the evolutionary process in consciousness, thus mastering the form? Now, what are the stages of the new process which will culminate this final act of mastery? They are totally different, and yet they are a synthesis of the old path of initiation as it has always been known.

“To bring this down to specific form at this time is almost impossible. It cannot be defined as the First, the Second, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth Initiation, because it is one initiation. It is a synthesis of the old path. It is one initiation which is an experience in consciousness from its beginning to its completion, and which (at this stage of the initiatory effort being made by the new Synthetic Ashram), cannot be outpictured in symbolic form.”

Ashramic Projections, by Lucille Cedercrans, pp. 119-120

Thus, Lucille’s work provided training for the inner group-work of the Synthetic Ashram, and it continues to evolve in the consciousness of those who participate in its practice.