The Work of Lucille Cedercrans

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Establishment of Groups Trained in Utilizing These Materials

It is important to keep in mind that all three phases of this work were occurring almost simultaneously. Lucille was writing, training, and organizing as she traveled. This might explain why little is known about the other groups she established around the country. The training was anchored through the books/lessons but the mature application of this training was, apparently, difficult to maintain in a group formation. Therefore, with the exception of Southern California and the Pacific Northwest (heart and throat centers respectively, see group formation below) where the training continued, very little is known of the groups’ work.

What is known is that the groups were formed according to a specific criteria, and even while scattered across the country, were considered a part of a whole organism. This is made apparent by the dialogues found in the Ashramic Projection series where group economy and group relationship to Lucille’s function are discussed. How groups themselves were organized is described in the following quote from The Soul and Its Instrument:

“Groups of Souls come in and go out together, and in the process of living they create the conditions into which they are karmically impelled to serve. This type of relationship is completely different from that of any other. The Soul tie is so strong and the realization of a common service karma so great that it will draw these people together against tremendous obstacles arising on the plane of the personality. In spite of the personality friction, they will hold together and eventually arrive at an attitude of cooperation based upon mutual love and understanding.

“Within the group there are certain karmic relationships.”

1. The group leader: “This individual will constitute the head center of the group and will provide the First Ray drive which will enable the group to accomplish its purpose.”

2. The group guardians: “These may be any number of individuals whose experience has provided them with the Wisdom to balance the energies of the leader, which may at times be impulsed without discrimination. These are the disciples who back the leader, who offer counsel to all members of the group without discrimination against another member and who provide the Love-Wisdom which holds the group together as a group. They are the heart center of the group.”

3. The group public relations center: “These are the disciples who are the main points of contact between the group and the environment in which the group serves. They provide the intelligent activity aspect, in whatever form is necessary, from the group to those outside the group. They are responsible for right relationship between the group and the world, for they bring the fact of the group to the attention of the outer world. They act as the throat center of the group.”

4. The group nucleus: “This is the subjective group, consisting of the group leader and a member or members of each of the other group centers. Together they act as the mind of the group, carrying the light of the Soul to the brain. They are the ones who make possible the form through which the activity of the group expression can manifest.” They act as the synthesis center or cave of the group.

The Soul and Its Instrument, by Lucille Cedercrans, pp. 156-158

Over the years, Lucille and her co-workers established at least four centers. These included:

  1. Head Center group, in Washington, D.C. (Bethesda, MD)
  2. Throat Center group, in Spokane, Washington
  3. Heart Center group, in Long Beach, California
  4. Synthetic Center group, in Estes Park, Colorado