The Disciple and Economy



302 pages

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The Disciple and Economy is part of a series of works on the path of self-initiated spiritual growth and development. These works are designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness and conscious service to the One Life. This conscious service is called the path of discipleship, and those who walk this path are called Disciples.

“This series of instructions clearly outlines The Divine Plan for humanity in its economic aspect. It shows those new economic forms upon which the new civilization can be safely constructed, and by which the Purpose of God can be demonstrated through Humanity. It withholds nothing from the open eye of the disciple, in the economic sense, that will enable him to throw his weight upon the side of Light in the struggle now ensuing between the forces of Light and the forces of darkness upon this planet. It is written in an endeavor to give the modern disciple, in whatever nation, position or circumstance he may be placed, a basic understanding of the Economy of the One Life and Its Laws, so that he may serve the Plan justly and wisely in the world of mankind.”

The Disciple and Economy
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