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Ashramic Projections first appeared in 1997 as a series of four booklets that explained the origins of The Nature of the Soul, the Ashram of Synthesis, the Ashramic Group Life, and Group Initiation. The current edition includes each of the original booklets but is expanded with sections on Group Centers (or chakras, how they function and what their purpose is), Synthesis (this new energy both radiates and absorbs at the same time, producing a motion and a relation of motions), and Synthesis Meditations (various avenues of approach to this new energy and soul/group work).

The entire Ashramic Projections work is based on projections by Lucille Cedercrans in 1960 and 1961. Those projections were then transcribed, dittoed, and distributed to students and others. They were not designed for the written form and the editors have made a few small changes, but the quality and style of the original transcripts remain intact.

Wisdom Impressions
April 2004

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