Applied Wisdom – Volume III (R-W & Index)


Softcover, 6″ x 9″ size

655 pages


Applied Wisdom Volume III is the third part of a 3 volume set. It is an encyclopedic compilation of all of the concepts (R-W) that Lucille brought through, with the exception of the books and lesson materials already published by Wisdom Impressions. Along with Volumes I & II, it covers almost 300 topics (some as small as a paragraph and some as large as short books) and includes samples from the entire period (from approx. 1950 through 1962) when Lucille was principally occupied with projecting The Wisdom. Volume III also includes an index for all three volumes.

Applied Wisdom Volume III was compiled with Volumes I & II over many years and presented to the publisher by a practitioner of The Wisdom who began studying with Lucille in 1952 and who continues practicing and teaching The Wisdom to this day. Many of these materials are transcripts of live projections by Lucille, while others are short written courses. Most of it has not been available to the general public since it was first distributed and is here printed in bound form for the first time.

Wisdom Impressions
August 2006